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Thanksgiving Cake Ideas 

This pumpkin olive oil cake is a super moist single layer cake. It is full of pumpkin and spice flavor and topped with cinnamon cream cheese frosting. Everyone loves it!

This moist Pumpkin Carrot Cake is made with pumpkin, carrots, and an apple. It’s flavored with cinnamon and nutmeg and topped with an incredibly delicious brown sugar cream cheese icing.

This pie birthday cake is swirled with any flavor pie filling and baked over a graham cracker crust. It is frosted with buttercream frosting.

This delicious banana spice cake is filled with banana flavor and warm spices and topped with chocolate sour cream frosting! It’s an easy recipe that’s perfect for the holidays or any day of the week.

This delicious Chocolate Roasted Pear Cake is made with roasted pears, cinnamon, nutmeg, vanilla, and cocoa powder. It’s generously coated with cinnamon sugar and drizzled with icing.

This orange cranberry pound cake is moist, flavorful and easy to make. It’s made with orange zest and filled with cranberry sauce! This cake is perfect for Christmas breakfast or dessert.

This blood orange cheesecake is filled with the zest and juice of blood oranges. This easy cheesecake recipe is made extra special with rosemary in the crust and blood orange curd on top!

This delicious Mini Chocolate Cake recipe features a layer of whipped chocolate ganache, a layer of silky chocolate ganache and is topped with piped whipped chocolate ganache!

These easy and delicious holiday cake recipes are easy and so delicious! They're festive, fresh tasting and are the perfect Christmas cake ideas!

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